Перевод песни Captain – Keep An Open Mind

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Suck the iron from my blood
And fashion into a small nail
Bang into your head
For all of the things I said
Now I don't have to try for cool
It's a long while now since we were at school
In every way
The nails will bear our names
Keep an open mind, I know you will
Keep it in time, I know you will
Give a little look to show you care
And when you look around it's everywhere
I know what you mean to me
It took a long time just for me to see
My fever is receding
Now that I have one thing to believe in
Tired shoulders, abiding time
I've got your back if I know you've got mine
And we should have known
For all of the seeds we've sown
I feel broken if you do too
Now the earth is hard, but the seeds will push through
The race has been won
It ends with a starting gun
Keep an open mind, O-oh, oh, oh, oh
Keep it in time, O-oh, oh, oh, oh... oh
Keep an open mind, Oh, o-oh, oh
Keep it in time, Oh!