Перевод песни James – Honest Joe

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Honest joe
Screws the lamb
Indian call
Indian plan
Weight of gold
You’re a gay
Catch your life
Catch your life
You’re a ghoul
Hurricane, hurricane
Novatol, novaciane
Dexadrin, dexadrin, opium
It’s the way way you break down all your food
It’s the way you comb your hair
It’s the way you wear the tie so crooked
The way you have that smile that smells of despair
It’s the way you like to satisfy
The way you set the smile
The way you crawled into my life and stayed there for a while
It’s the way you like to lick your paws
The way you screw the bolts
The way you groom your friends and neighbours
The way you get a cause
Novacaine, makes us smile
Novacaine, no one can
I know where
It’s a gun
It’s a dream of a christian marytrdom
Move your way
Do your spin
Get a dish, get a dish and spin
Totempole, it’s my goal
I don’t care where you’re gonna take it from