Перевод песни MyChildren MyBride – Choke

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If every star fell out of the sky tonight
Every wish I'd make would take me closer to you
Have you ever wanted something so bad it hurts?
To never wake up from the world that you once knew
You said we'll meet where the dreams are made
So I'll climb in my battered ship and voyage to the ends of the Earth
Closing my eyes and setting sail on the dark waves
We'll suck this dream world dry of every ounce of love that it's worth
I've fallen and I can't get up, such intoxicating synergy
Flying to the highest mountains and swimming through the darkest deepest seas
I'll search for what mother nature finds most divine
Let's get lost in this moment, I'll do anything to make you mine
Inhaling each other's ecstasies, admiring your God-given design
Together forever, finally our souls can intertwine
We'll wake the dead tonight to tell them all about the love we found
Sitting and listening to the dry bones crawl out of the ground
They'll dance till dusk with great bliss and celebration
And then they'll hide like the moon when it sees the sun