Перевод песни Neneh Cherry – Money Love

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With the power that some lovin' can bring
Makes the mountain high stacks of money and things
That I need change and fade away sometimes
When I look in the mirror... I see a little clearer...
I am what I am and you are you too
Do you like what you see? Do you like yourself?
Money love and gold payments
We spend our lives thinking they are saviours
Money talks but love is for real...
And you know that...
Then a picture comes into my mind
Everybody knows you need some money sometimes
Could it be that we need loving to survive?
So look into my eyes... I won't tell you lies...
Who do you see? Do you see yourself?
Do you like what you see? Do you like yourself?
So how do we drink in a sinking ship?
How do we float in a sinking boat?
How do we rock when the rock is rollin'?
Give me a float & keep the mool a rollin'?
Talking about talking about talking about money
Nothing's for free in the land of milk + honey
Got a foot on the bridge over troubled water
A credit cards cool but I'll settle for a quarter