Перевод песни Something Happens – Brand New God

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
There's a girl in a dress in a sinful mess
With a face just made for kissing
What kind of god gives you a rod
And say's you can't go fishing
Brand New God
Everything is wrong it seems
From sex to certain dances
Keep looking at your feet cause
There's damnation in her glaces
Brand New God
Brand New God
He may come on Sunday or not at all
He could save a few or save us all
When I meet the man to whom he gave his plan
In his pockets deep I'll know the man
He's the only one whose got a Brand New God
They say he left us all a note
Called «crucial life instructions»
All of it illegible
Except the word «Destruction»
Brand New God
Raise your hands to heaven
Keep them outside sheets
Cause we'll be checking later
And damning all the cheats
The girl's still there, her face still able
He says you can't eat and sit at my table
Brand New God
Brand New God