Перевод песни Bobby Womack – The Preacher

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Gimme my groove
Lemme hear everybody in the house tonight
If ya still feel like you want to have a good time
All ya gotta say is yeah --
Lemme hear ya just say it a little bit louder
lemme hear ya say yeah
I don't know why -- I, I feel like I wanna preach tonight
I wonder would yall mind -- If I preach to you for about 5 minutes
But I got to know that I got some warriors in the house tonight
All ya gotta say is yeah --
About five years ago -- I fell in love
But you know I never believed -- I never believed in working a real hard job
But one day my old lady walked up and told me -- and said Bobby
She said your lovin' is good --
But my money is gettin' sort of thin
Lemme hear ya say yeah
She said, «I don't mean to hurt your feelings, boy,»
«But you better get ooonnnn out -- and find yourself a job!»
My nose was sort of opened wide at that time
So early that next morning
I went ooonnnn out -- lookin' --
Tryin to find a job --
And I'm mighty glad to today to tell you that I found it
I put in 24 hours a day --
And then a little bit overtime
And here's the sad part of the story
You know something about that, don't you?
Listen to me, now
What brought me home --
It brought me home sort of early one night, huh
I got a funny -- I got a funny -- feeling
That something wasn't going on in my house that wasn't right
Until I recognized my old lady's voice --
And she kept tellin' she said -- Oooh, baby!
And I was steady listenin' she said -- Oooh, baby!
And he sort of stuttering too -- He kept sayin, like, Uh, what, honey?
She kept tellin' him -- look, keep on doin' doin' doin'
what you're doin' boy!
And lemme hear ya yeah --
Make me know you're still with me -- Yeah
Lemme hear ya yeah -- Yeah
So I started to call my baby
I said, «Baby!»
I said «I'm glad to walk away if ya do me one thing...
would ya do me one thing???»