Перевод песни Bobby Womack – Tried And Convicted

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Don't let a quarrel, Naw baby
Don't let it keep us apart, well, naw, baby
Let's get together, let's get together, baby
And try to make a new start
Can't let your girlfreind
Tell you all she sees
Have you ever thought
She was trying to get close to me But look what you've done -- you've tried
With a crime I did'nt! -- goodness! -- Naw!
No, no no no no, I did'nt do it!
We've been together
We've been together just a little too long
Naw, baby
But, I can see times
That I can see our love slowly fading away
And I know time ain't long
Ohhhh, don't you kid yourself
Can't you see that I love you -- and nobody else!
I've been tried and convicted for a crime I didn't commit
Lawwdd! no no no no, I did'nt do it!
Gotta say loud and clear
Talk it over
Whoooaaa!!! No! No! No! I did'nt do it!