Перевод песни Bobby Womack – Baby! You Oughta Think It Over

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Baby, Yeah -- you oughta
Aww, Baby
Baby -- I know you hear me calling you, darling
I think you oughta think it over, yeah
We've been together for so long
Breaking it now, baby it would be wrong
I need your love -- and this, I know
That's why I say, girl, before you walk out that door
(Baby. think it over) I got tears falling in my eyes
And I want love --
(Whoa, Oh) Can't stand to see me cry --
(Baby) can you stand to see me cry (You oughta think it over)
Walk away with your head held up high -- Owwww, Oooh!
They say you got -- got another man --
Promising baby, that cheat your friend
But, Ohhh, listen good to what he say
But, before you go, I'll walk away
Baby! Baby, baby, baby -- Whoooa Whoa, Yeah! Yeah!
You were alone, and in despair
Lord knows, I came -- from outta nowhere
I brought the sun, Yea, I did, to stop the rain, Lord knows!
Guess I'm the one that could ease your pain!
Baby! -- Baby, Baby, Baby! -- Awww! I know you hear me calling you in the rain!
(Aw baby!)
I don't understand (Naw, Baby) --
Lord knows, I just don't understand
How 'ya can't hear me calling