Перевод песни Ted Gärdestad – You Got Me Dancing

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I Said"Oh no I cant do that thing
Getting so dizzy when I try to swing
Sorry honey you can beg all day
Im gonna be sitting here anyway"She said"All youve got to do is move your hips
Touch me gently with your fingertips
Trust me when youre in that groove
You might just like it when we start to move"Oh You got me dancing
Im so glad you got me dancing
Oh You got me dancing for the first time
I cant do it
I said"Oh no I cant do that trick Im way behind you and you move to quick
Calm down take it nice and slow
I want to be ready when you start to go"She said"Feel the rythm and synchronize
I like that sentiment within your eyes
Still its better if you tried to smile
A whole lot better if you changed that style"She said"Oh gee I think youve got
it right
I want to be swingin in your arms all night
Hold on til Im satisfied
I just dont want to get off this ride"I said
Oh no you cant stop me now
Im really happy that you showed me how
Oh yeah I can do that thing
Id do it again if you would let me