Перевод песни Killing Joke – The Calling

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
I here
I hear the calling
Carry across the landscape
I hear it echo from every city to every village upon the earth
From every rooftop to every mountain
Calling the faithful to find themselves
A fire burning like precious water, the fire that drives me on and on Through hell I shall reach heaven
I shall not resist the changes before me View the madness with perspective
(the clock is ticking but time means nothing)
So I ascend to the blinding light
Then plummet to the thickest darkness
(and I always tell myself how splendid is the adventure!)
I can no longer see good or evil
But worship polarity
So do not trust the beggars that expose their poverty of spirit
Bleating «I will follow»
I heed
I heed the calling
Follow yourselves as leaders
Arise, arise, stand upright and take pride in who and what you are
Great changes are coming and you will be asked to identify yourself
So run like a lion with inexhaustible strength from world to world
Let your work shine unto the ends of time yeah unto the ends of time