Перевод песни Gladys Knight & The Pips – Who Is She (And What Is She To You)

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A girl just passed us Trying to staring me down
(from my head to foot up and down she look)
And when I look at you,
You were staring at the ground (you staring nothing)
(down on the ground, boy)
I don’t know who she is But I think that you do Who is she And what is she to you?
Something in my heart
As seen in your eyes
Don’t you know, boy, that it keeps telling me It’s not someone not just passing by And when you clear your throat, was that your cue?
(You blew)
Who is she and what is she to you?
When I add the sum (one)
Of you and me (two)
Don’t you know, boy, I get confused
And I keep coming up with three
(you and me… and she)
You’re too much for one woman
But you’re not enough for two
Who is she and what is she to you?
You told me you don’t believe in a woman’s intuition
Hey, boy, is that what you’re thinking?
Or are you wishing?
Let me tell you something right now
Before you wreck your own home,
You better be searching up anew
Who is she and what is she to you?