Перевод песни Kim Fowley – Is America Dead?

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Angry, angry, madness motion
Destruction is your life devotion
For love and peace do we have to fight
The face of youth is as dark as night
Baby, is America dead?
Are we dying
Are you the one who's dead?
Baby, is America dead?
Are you the brave new world
Or the end instead?
Baby, is America dead?
Baby, is America dead?
Baby, is America dead?
The streets are cloudy
And the streets are red
Her people are screamin'
And people are yellin'
The way is the left
And the way that they're tellin'
The older folks
They don't have a chance
They don't know how to sing
And they don't know how to dance
But don't we know they fought in a war
Before we were here, a long time before
Do you really think that America's dead?
Do you really think that America's dead?
Where you gonna live if it's dead?
Well where you gonna love if it's dead?
Where you gonna groove if it's dead?
If America's dead
Are you the one who's dead instead?
Is America dead, is America dead?
At Woodstock last summer
Everybody asked
If there was a brand new nation
And they asked about Toronto
They said that's gonna be
The brand new nation
But those nation had a lot of mud
Those nations had a lot of water
What about America, if America's dead
Will a big cloud crawl across America?
What did we live for? Is America, is America? Are we America? Are we the
universe? Are we the universe? Then who's the liar. Is America in our minds or
are we in America's minds? Everybody, where are we? Are we dead? Are we dead?
Are we? Is America?
Is America, America
God shed your grace
All kinds of stones
And all kinds of rocks
Gonna burn down the bridge
Gonna burn down the block
Set fire to this whole damn nation
Gonna create all kinds of sensation
Oh can you see
By the dawn's early light
Four score and too many trips ago, one of my brothers, he got stopped out in
the Far East. When they sent his coffin home, my mother said. «Is America dead?
Dead?» Is Frankenstein or Jerry Rubin, or who will be our president?
Who's gonna be our president? Will it be teenage girls in the Senate?
Will it be spirit change freaks in the White House? Who's gonna be in the
house of congress? Dwarfs and midgets? Did George Washington really grow
marijuana on his Virginia plantation? And tell me about America
Is America dead, is America dead?
Is America dead?
Is it, is it, is it, is it
Listen, man, I hear that if you save your money up, if you save your bread,
you can, you can split to Europe and work your way over on one of those tramp
steamers, you know. And when you get there all these chicks come out and say, «Hey, American! Hey, man, they say America's dead, you know, and you can stay in
our country.» «What do you mean?» «Yeah, you can stay in our country.
And well, we don't have toilets or electricity or vitamins, but man,
that's all right.»
Is America dead?
Baby, is America dead?
Is America really dead?
I am it, and you are it, and she is it, and that is that