Перевод песни Children 18:3 – Even Sleeping

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I want to cry
But the tears won't come
There's blood on the ground
I think I know where it's from
But my hands are tied
As I watch you die
«Step away, son, the worst is past,» He said
But I can't see her breath, she's moving on fast
As the shadowy reaper glides through the trees
He's coming, he's coming, he's come to steal her away from me
Oh, what would it take
To keep you here in my arms bleeding?
Oh, what would it take?
Is it so much to just start breathing?
Stay with me, stay with me
Stay with me, even sleeping
I felt a panic but it happened so fast
Was like noon to dusk but only seconds had past
When I hoped to hear a smile instead
You can listen to the people and the things they will say
Or you can listen to your spirit saying, «Send me on my way.»
The sun is down, it's at its end
I'll follow you as far as I can
The sun is down, she won't mend
I'll follow you as far as I can
The sun is down, they say that she won't mend
I can't find you
I can't find you