Перевод песни Kiss – Talk To Me

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When I see you, girl you turn my head, you make me dizzy
I get a good vibration
When I look into your big blue eyes, I start to quiver and shake
I get a strange sensation
When you walk by me, you strut around, you make me crazy, I get no relaxation
Talk to me, talk to me, all I want is a little conversation
Talk to me, talk to me, all I want is a little conversation, talk to me
People tell me that you run around and that you’re no good
You got a bad reputation
I don’t care what all the people say, you know they talk too much
It’s a fascination
All I want to do is talk to you and maybe go out, and form some kind of relation
Girl I wish you knew the way I felt, you think I’m silly, that it’s infatuation
So we better get together soon, because I need you girl
I can’t stand the frustration, so