Перевод песни Al Stewart – Go Your Way

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Well go your way
If go you must
And with you take
This gathering dust
That's settled on This love affair of ours
Ah, but now and then
You'll think of me
A glimmer in Your memory
To keep it Will be beyond your power
Your power
I know you try
To brush away
The ties that bind
And rush away
To join the new attraction
To your heart
Ah, but we had something
Deeper here
And thought you're gone
I have no fear
There's nothing that could keep us Long apart
The silver city sounds and sights
And radiance
Have dazzled down your eyes
And dimmed your sight
Ah, but we had something
More than that
More sure than that
Affection in it self's
The brighter light
Bright light
The old temptations
Heavy as Infatuations hollow bounce
Echoes in your mind
You have no harder try
I'll be when
It's all burnt out
You'll see the ashes
Blown about
And find it hard to understand
Just why
Just why
So go your way
If go you must
And jump the hurdle
Of our trust
With eyesight
So you may not see
You think it's real
But that's a scheme
To lead you on Your hopes and dreams
And when you wake
Just come on back to me Back to me