Перевод песни Bon Jovi – Captain Crash & The Beauty Queen From Mars

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Dressed up for a big date
Like Halloween day but it was Fourth of July now
A car crash with a suitcase and a painted face
She was one of a kind
She wears a plastic crown like Cinderella
And roller skates in bed
Crash rides the greyhound from his hometown
When he comes around cause they don’t let him drive now
Mixed up as a milkshake
But make no mistake
They’re shooting for the stars
You and me
We’re invincible together
We can be also tragical, whatever
Dressed up just like ziggy but he couldn’t play guitar
Captain Crash and the beauty queen from mars
Share a toothpick, trading lipstick
Watching traffic for days at the diner
Holding hands, making big plans
Playing Superman, he was wearing eyeliner
Another local legend and his longtime lucky charm
They’re drunk on love as you can get
Getting high on lust and cigarettes
Living life with no regrets
At least they’re gonna try to fly
You and me
We’re invincible together
We can be so tragical, whatever
We’re Sid and Nancy
Fred and Ginger
Clyde and Bonnie
Liz and Richard
Kurt and Courtney
Bacall and Bogie
Jolting Joe and Ms. Monroe
Here’s captain crash and the beauty queen from mars