Перевод песни Noël Coward – Dearest Love (From Operette)

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Dearest Love
Now that I've found you
The stars change in the sky
Every song is new
Every note is true
Sorrows like the clouds go sailing by Here, my love
Magic has bound you
To me ever to be In my heart supreme
Dearer than my dearest dream
The only love for me Skies that were cloudy are clear again
All other people seem
Like figures in a dream;
Every song that I loved I seem to hear again
Time goes by like a murmering stream
Love is enchanting the two of us
A magic we can share
A something in the air
Proving that destiny knew of us Now heaven is at our feet
This happiness complete
Could not be merely chance
This exquisite romance
Forever has us bound
For this that we have found
No time nor tide could sever, ever
Dearest Love
Waking or sleeping, I think only of you
Though our story's told
Though our world is cold
Though we have to build our lives anew
Dear, my love
Lies in your keeping
Till all memories die
Though we have to part
Thank you for your loving heart
My only love, good-bye