Перевод песни Cam'ron – The Block (Skit)

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Jones, what’s up, baby? What’s good?
Flee, what’s good, nigga?
What’s going on out here? It’s money?
Ain’t nothin', nigga. I’m out here tryna get my paper spread, man.
I’m out here with my nigga Mizzle right here. What’s poppin'?
Yo, man, I was—what's going on, Cam? I heard—I heard about you, man.
You’re real cool
Heard about me?
Yeah, man
Yo, come here—you 5-O, man? *tussle*
Ah, shit, man, yo…
You 5-O? Yo, is this nigga 5-O? You chill with this white nigga right here?
Nah, chill, he about that paper spread right there
He gettin' me that cake right now
You B.S.'n right now fuckin' with my nigga Mizzle, chill, he good,
he wit' us though
Golly, man
You sure?
I’m positive, man
You trust this nigga?
He about that greenbacks, that guap, he about that guap, I’m tellin' you
All right
Yo, man, you got that yayo? I gotta get you rich, man
Yeah, a’ight. If you recording this shit, I’ma bust your muthafuckin' head open,
you hear me?