Перевод песни Rolf Harris – The Cat Came Back

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Old Uncle Judd had troubles of his own
He had a scruffy yellow tom that wouldn't leave home
He went to church one Sunday, one Sunday for advice
The preacher said, «Leave him here, 't'would be so very nice.»
But the cat came back, the cat came back
Thought he was a goner, but the cat came back
He just couldn't stay away
He gave him to a man going up in a balloon'
And asked the chap to leave him with the Man in the Moon
Well, the balloon it must have busted; well, that's what everybody said
'Cause ten miles away they picked the man up dead
Old Uncle Judd swore he'd kill the cat on sight
He loaded up his blunderbuss with nails & dynamite
He aimed it at the spot where the tomcat would appear
All they ever found was Uncle Judd's left ear...
«Uh, where did they find it?»
«Well, it was just left 'ere.»
He broke into the house, ate everything in sight;
While outside this Irish fella was looking for a fight
The cat all smiles sat fat & fully fed
The fella sang «Rule, Brittania» and the cat dropped dead