Перевод песни Cam'Ron – More Reasons / Car Skit

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Paroles de la chanson More Reasons / Car Skit:
«Thank you for calling the--»
«I will be... Please hold.»
I'm grimey. I like-- I still get head from crackhead
Yo this Cam, man
«What's up?»
What's the deal neal though nigga?
«Nothin, I'm chillin.»
«What's happenin?
«Nothin, I'm chillin.»
I was just thinkin about the head you gave me yesterday, that shit was kinda
«So you decided to call.»
No doubt. I really came to see if you were comin to the orgy this weekend
On most likely Saturday
Yeah. You got lengerie right?
«Of course.»
Alright, alright. You say you ain't fuckin with no bitches. I told some bitches
about you already, they said they wanted to eat you, they was ready
«Oh my God! What's wrong? They don't even know me. They've never even seen me.»
I told em a little description you know
«Uh uh.»
A little boom, boom, boom
«You gotta stop playin
No I told them you don't get down. My niggas is ready though
«How you say your niggas is ready?»
You act like you gonna be the only girl