Перевод песни Buckcherry – Stayin' High

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Awakened by the sound my city's come alive
Still living underground try to keep an open mind
And somebody said you're wasting your life
Without a word I just walked right ahead
I'm waiting on you till we touch the sky
I'm seeing it through and we'll turn it over and over again
Staying high, staying high
I see you're holding out and you're working all the time
Is it what you dreamed about a steady nine to five
And when you were here you stayed in my mind
Lips on my face when I looked in the mirror
I love your spirit, walk to the light, now can you feel it,
get through the night
Get through the night, every thing's all right hearts
are breakin'
A cradle in your arms and the colors in your hair
And it's been so long since we've seen you around here
And somebody said that you were in love
I'm so glad cause you're a flower in the sun