Перевод песни Limahl – Nothing On Earth (Can Keep Me From You)

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Lately I've been missing you
And spending the nights alone
I know it's late but my instincts say
Call you on the telephone
No one told me if I had to fade
Life without you would be an empty place
Honey I need you again
Nothing on earth can keep me from you
So I'm turning round and coming home
The girl I love's in another place
And that's where I belong
Baby I apologise
For selfishy walking away
But deep down inside under the pride
This heart has suffered the same
Honey I try to have an open mind
Respect the courage I had to find
I need you again
Nothing in the world can keep us apart
So I'm sending out an S.O.S.
The love I need's just a breath away
Can't be someone else
Repeat CHORUS to fade.