Перевод песни Dreamtale – Green Fields

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Green fields of past life
Turned into greyness of mind
Yesterday’s laugh in eyes
Of the children gone
In the winds of time
Lost in the stream of life
Sweet memories of the time forgotten
Things that I have lost
Falling leaves in the hands of time
That have turned into sands of
Hourglass that’s counting our life
The cold fields have now frozen
And what was green has faded
The silent wind whispers voices
Of the children gone away
In the stream of life
Beauty forever gone
Feelings of nothingness
Surrounding me
Silently it fades away
Leaving me alone
In this time before the light
Twilight of tomorrow
Finally I can sleep
Forgetting everything
Finally finding peace