Перевод песни Thomas Dolby – Cloudburst At Shingle Street

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
We climb the cliffs
And hang from trees
Wrap the rocks and pave the beach
State of shock at flick of switch
(Mindless) into the cloudburst overhead
I wanna get my face wet
It's been buried in the sand for years
(Headlong) into the cloudburst naked
There's really no escaping it There's gonna be a cloudburst here
Come out of your shell
And look at the sea
It may be just as well
You stayed here with me Private hell at turn of a key
And it's dawning on me
I've been a cork in the ocean, been bobbing in the North Sea
Then take this vest of plaster, these boots of concrete
And make them down as surplus, return to Mulberry
Cloudburst at Shingle Street
Cloudburst at Shingle Street
Cloudburst at Shingle Street
When I was small I was in love in love with everything
Now there's only you