Перевод песни Thomas Dolby – Therapy / Growth

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
I was dreaming
Of a life on the farm
Wife and Rover
And a pipe in my hand
I was dreaming
Of a life somewhere else
Then my girlfriend
Was waylaid at her acupuncturist's
(Do something about it Soon put a stop to that)
Small town guru
There's one thing that I know
You're growing inwards
It's a religion
And I ain't gonna fall in line with you
Sip the holy water
And I ain't gonna spend my time with you
If time is so important
And I ain't gonna worry over you
Lend any resistance
To the game you play
You won't find me bending over
To justify existence
By working on a weakness
And I don't want to know the secrets of the universe