Перевод песни Exodus – Within The Walls Of Chaos

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Murder, drugs, cash, and greed
That touches everyone and everything
Within the walls there's no escaping the disease
Sidewalks turn to pharmacies
All the pimps and pushers territories
Dollars pouring in from the victims trapped within
Schoolyard's a place of sorrow
Pray your children live to see tomorrow
A place where mothers cry
And kiss their dying sons goodbye
Living in a state of fear
Afraid of everything they see or hear
Someone they love may get shot
For drugs they never even bought
Violence is a way of life
Revenge delivered with a gun or knife
Paybacks are a bitch
They'll leave you dying in a ditch
Caught in the hypnotic spell
Their life's story they'll never life to tell
In a hazy curtain
They can't see, the end is certain
Imprisoned by narcotic chains
Life for some will never be the same
Trapped in walls of glass
Hoping that this all will pass
But some will find their way outside
Face the evil, eyes open wide
Break the bonds that pull you in Escape the hell that thrives
Within the walls of chaos and despair
Most are unemployed, living on welfare
Prowling the halls, the vultures come to feed
On the flesh of those who are enslaved to the need
The final curtain falls, but no one sheds a fear
Their pleas for help always seem to fall upon deaf ears
Within the walls of chaos they forgot
That dignity and sanity are things that can't be bought
With every passing day
Another life is cast astray
Wear the wrong colours
And you might get blown away
Turn of a page
Another name's crossed off the list
Shot between the eyes
With a rig clenched in his fist
Driven to the grave
Ruled by need for kicks
Extract their own gold teeth
To satisfy their fix
There's cracks in the foundation
The time will soon arrive
When the walls will crumble down
And bury everyone alive
Within the walls, within the walls of chaos
Within the walls, within the walls of chaos
Within the walls, within the walls of chaos