Перевод песни Elvis Costello – I Felt the Chill Before the Winter Came

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Well, there’s a difference in the way that you kissed me
And there’s a sadness in your eyes that you can’t hide
Why do you tremble when i hold you?
I wonder if you feel the same
I felt the chill before the winter came
But it’s easy to say that i won’t give in again
I was just tempted for a moment and then some
But it’s so easy when you love to lose to control
Now look here if you will
At the faithful man you stole
I felt the chill before the winter came
I suffered the guilt and then accepted the blame
I wanted you before you ever spoke my name
But i knew that we would go wrong
Just as they do in all in those old tragic songs
Did that melody haunt your mind?
Just like a linger of perfume
Now you’re in someone else’s arms
Locked up in another room
Is there’s a difference in the way that he loves you
Is there still sadness in your eyes, you can’t deny?
Do you tremble and sigh when he holds you just like i do?
What were you thinking of to throw away our love?
And it’s easy to say that you won’t give in again
You were just tempted for a moment and half
But it’s so hard when you desire to lose control
I don’t know what this feeling is but it sure seems cold
I felt the chill before the winter came
I suffered the pain and then accepted the shame
I will have lost your love by end of this sad refrain?
I felt the cold creeping over my skin…
Still as the air until the wind rushed in
Still in control, holding on to my heart and soul
Only inches from sin