Перевод песни Maxi Priest – Can't Turn Away

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I can hear them crying
Tears of all mankind
Oh children on the sidewalk
Oh before their time
There seems to be injustice
So many people live in poverty
A lack of dedication
Oh it's like a mountain on the streets
Oh I just can't turn away
I just can't turn away 2x
A sense of desperation
Tears like a dove
Said I thought we had religion
Why isn't that enough
The sense of mass destruction
Always had to ???
Starvation in the third world
This isn't how it's meant to be Now it's criminal when you come to think about the world we're living always on the brink
Like a time bomb we can still escape
Make a first move it's not too late
Politicians made this mess so let's clean it out, take a world of stress
For the sake of children, you know what I mean
Everybody's got a right to dream 2x
It's like an ocean
Ooh you gotta catch the wave
Try your best to beat the system
Oh before you hit for real
Smoke spasm from the oil wells
And I can't see the sun from where I am There's a breakdown in the ozone
This couldn't be a part of nature's plan