Перевод песни Forest – The Midnight Hanging Of A Runaway Serf

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The tangled wood
It wasn't good
It wasn't good
The shadowy priest was there
and the serfs in their coloured hoods
A tawny owl with a haunting stare
The ghost of the wood
The declaration of intent
The declaration of the money spent
This summers night was warm and bright
warm and bright
But then the prisoner there
so alone, so cold, so white
and as the flags unfolded
the jury came in sight
The people all cheered as the judge began
The hangman was waiting and the priest was at hand
and then the clouds came down and covered the moon
saw the child proceeding in a twighlight state of gloom
They marched him to his fate
All his protests were too late
then the priest said «Should we wait?»
The tangled wood
it wasn't good
it wasn't good
The shadowy priest looked up with the serfs in their coloured hoods
to the tawny owl with the haunting stare
the ghost of the wood