Перевод песни Original Broadway Cast Of 'Passion' – Happiness

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Clara: I'm so happy I'm afraid I'll die, here in your arms
What would you do if I died like this, right now, here in your arms?
That we ever should have met is a miracle
Giorgio: No, inevitable
Clara: Then inevitable, yes, but I confess it was the look
Giorgio: The look?
Clara: The sadness in your eyes that day when we glanced at each other
We were both-
Giorgio: We were both unhappy
Clara: Unhappiness can be seductive
Giorgio: You pitied me
Both: How quickly pity leads to love
Clara: All this happiness
Merely by a glance in a park
So much happiness
So much love
Giorgio: I thought I knew what love was
Clara: I wish we might have met so much sooner
I could have given you-
Giorgio: I thought I knew what love was
Clara: My youth
Giorgio: I thought I knew how much I could feel
Clara: All the time we've lost
Giorgio: I didn't know what love was
Clara: I've never known what love was
Both: But now I do
It's what I feel with you
The happiness I feel with you
Clara: So much happiness
Giorgio: You are so beautiful
Clara: Happening by chance in a park
Giorgio: Not by chance, by necessity
Clara: Surely this is happiness
Giorgio: By the sadness that we saw in each other
Clara: No one else has ever felt before
Both: Just another love story
That's what they would claim
Another simple love story
Aren't all of them the same?
Clara: No, but this is more
We feel more
Both: This is so much more
Like every other love story
Some say happiness comes and goes
Then this happiness is a kind of happiness no one really knows
Giorgio: I thought I knew what love was
Clara: I'd only heard what love was
Giorgio: I thought it was no more than a name for yearning
Clara: I thought it was what kindness became
Giorgio: I'm learning
Clara: I thought where there was love there was shame
Giorgio: That with you-
Clara: But with you-
Both: There's just happiness
Clara: Endless happiness
Clara: What?
Giorgio: I've been transferred to the fourth brigade. Oh Clara, please,
don't look so sad.
Clara: You are the one that makes me happy.
Giorgio: God, you are so beautiful
I long to see you in the light
Clear and beautiful
Memorize every inch, every part of you to take with me
Clara: Giorgio.
Giorgio: Your feet so soft as if they'd never touched the ground
Your skin so white, so pure, so delicate
Your smell so sweet, your breath so warm
I will summon you in my mind
I'm painting you indelibly on my mind
Clara: Let me go
Giorgio: We must fill every moment
Clara: All this happiness
Ended by a word in the dark
Giorgio: Oh my love, oh my darling
Clara: So much happiness
Wasn't meant to last
Giorgio: I am here, I am with you, I am yours
Clara: I never knew what love was
Giorgio: Your skin, your silken hair
Clara: I always thought I didn't deserve it
Giorgio: Your breasts, your lips
Clara: I didn't know what love was
Giorgio: I want you every minute of my life
Clara: I don't know how I'll live when you're gone
Giorgio: I will always be here
Clara: I don't know how I'll live
Don't leave me