Перевод песни Fm Static – The Shindig (Off To College)

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So far so good it looks like, the time is almost near
Everything looks ship shape now and
Everyone will soon be here
Tommy brought his champion ring and
Sara brought her new stilettos
Brian brought his Beastie Boys and
His brand new tuxedo rental
And so Hey, let's dance the night away
And bang, bang, the boogie like Kid Rock said
I don't know who you are
You dance just like a star
In a video show, I wonder who you are?
Do you hear me tho?
Tonight might not be the best time
That we've ever had
But it may be the best time ever
To realize what we have
So let's, pull out those Pink Floyd records
And how about some old Def Leppard?
Turn it to ten, then we'll do it all again
Oh-oh, because it's now or never
Chorus 2 times
Acoustic SOLO!!!
Gotta keep it coastin'
Dip like in the ocean
Move, like Kylie Minogue
When she did the locomotion