Перевод песни Mary J. Blige – Good Woman Down

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In my life I seen it all
And now it's time
For me to pass on this knowledge to you
All my sisters
My troubled sisters
This is my gift to you
Been many days, couldn't take the pain
Felt I should take my life away
Seen every dame and every other young sister's fate
See I'm cryin' now ma feelin' down
Runnin in the streets, no self esteem
Thinkin' that used to be me
What a shame
Damn life is a mutha, it's hard to sit back
And see the same thing that happened to me happen to you
This ain't love but here's the love I wanna give to you
It doesn't matter what they say or do
Don't let it get to you
Don't be afraid, you can you can break through
Take what I been through to see that
You can't hold a good woman down
Went through the same point of giving up, felt like I had enough
Went to the edge of the ledge but I didn't jump
My life will sum it up
That you can't hold a good woman down
When I used to see my daddy beat
My momma down, down to her feet
I used to say that ain't gone never be me
Now look at you, bruised up from him
Girl recognize you're better than
Him telling you that he'll never hit you again
Girl don't cry
Girl you
Use my songs as remedy
Whenever you're feeling down and blue
I'll be there for you
Trust and know that I been where
Seen the things that you can see
Looking at you resembles me
But you gotta hold on
There you have it, I'm still with you my sisters
My troubled sisters
I still have troubles too
You're not alone
I'll always be there for you
Rock on