Перевод песни Return from Exile – Until We Fall

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Do you feel the devastation
Some never feel
Locked in its complicated
But we're going out tonight
Contributing to this party till I drop
And like a trojan warrior we drink till
We fall
And will we ever see the sunshine?
Hell ya! Do you feel the
Hell ya! Its a beautiful night and I'm feeling
Exploring the options of a needed release
My thoughts are obsessed
With the physical being
Exploring the options of a needed release
Take me
There, where people drink away the pain
It always helps me to get through the
Of an undetermined year
Its complicated but still perfected with
With the presence of you there was something to do
At last my mind
Forgives for what I have done
And I look at the body, and its used, and
Abused, I look at the body
It has become a temple of the soul, it has
And there was preachers, aligning me from the insane
Aligning me
From the insane
I won't be a victim of someone else's superstition
I won't be
A victim of their strength
The freedom bells sing me to sleep
I walk a fine
Standing alone, could be so wrong, we are still here, we are still
Until we fall down into the silence...
We fall down into the
Oh did you ever think that this stranger
Would lead you to the
Emptiness inside
When you look back and you don't even know
As I stand on
The wings of the beast I am changed, and unborn
But deep inside, I know
There's time
I'll find a home
A soul of my own
Persistence through existence
Is mine.