Перевод песни Count Your Blessings – Where I Want To Be

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This is exactly where I wanna be And things are finally looking up After so long of feeling like I was stuck
Running in place, trying to save face
Putting on a front like it's what I want
And I found her
And I'm so much happier with her love
It's like nothing I have felt before
In your bedroom coming back for more
Another night with you has come to an end
And I whisper something softly, so listen
We had our fun tonight
Took the pressure off
And worries out of sight, you know
This is exactly where I wanna be Just you and me You know, just what to say
To get this rise in my blood flow
And my head in a daze
The way you kiss my ear and say my name
There's nothing that's
Coming in between us darling
Whisper something softly, so listen
We don't gotta worry
My love is in no hurry
It's all yours baby
Just you and me My head on you chest
You hands in my hair
You'll never search for me
I'm not going anywhere