Перевод песни A.R. Rahman – NaNa

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ARR: Woyoyoyeah
BLZ: You got to give and get and let di pressure go ARR: Woyoyoyeah
BLZ: Boom boom all you never wanted me to show
Don't lie la lie la lie la lie
Say No No VIV: (french rap)
BLZ: Am I here, Oh my dear, Me never leave you alone
Am I here, Oh my dear, And together we grow
BLZ: I wanna take you all across the island to shore
Oh, me never wanna leave you all alone
What them other people dem ah not know is how far
Me and my lover will go...
Say Na Na Na Na Na...
VIV: (French rap)
BLZ: Now I need a little time
Now I gotta lotta time
Nananananana me ah say what is on mi mind
Nananananana all the ladies let me see u smile
Nananananana all the couples come and form a line