Перевод песни Those Who Lie Beneath – A Great Farmland Romance

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Farmland in the middle of nowhere
They run their car till it's dead
The smell of shit fills the air
Farmland as far as the eyes can see
Popping the hood with no clue of what to do She knows he doesn't have the slightest clue just from his eyes
He goes to find help, tells her to wait in the car
Miles pass, he sees the light he's looking for
Three swift knocks at the door, when she answers
He sees with surprise, an old woman with kindness in her eyes
«My car is dead down the road, can we get some help?»
«Come right in, son. We'll see what we can do Pa comes down, whispers in her ear
Total mood change just that fast
They get the truck
They return and say
«We insist you stay for some supper»
They dig in, unknowing what's to come
Waves of black flash over their eyes
He falls as he tries to stand up
«We've spiked your drinks, now you're fucking dead»
He wakes up tied down to a bed, screams from the next room
There's nowhere to run
Suddenly the screams stop with a thud
Suddenly the door opens with grandma
Holding his love's head in her hands
She moves it up and down his body
With a new look in her eyes
Screams come from his mouth
Pa comes in and cuts his tongue out
Love fills the air as they both cut him up When they're done they throw him in a tub
«Take him to the barn, feed him to the pigs!»
His living body; being eaten away
Whithering sweet nothings in each others' ears
Hugging and kissing until he's good and dead
Hugging and kissing until he's good and dead