Перевод песни Dethklok – Burn the Earth

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Putrid beast
Mutant with a bloody fist
Puking acid in the night
You're diseased
Medical experiments
Took away your human life
For a fee
Just a student with no money
Grabbed a flyer
Paid the price
Sharp injection
Brain inspection
Pulsing anger
Mutant rancor
Splattered blood
Doctor laying on the floor
Larynx bleeding In your hand
The gasoline and dynamite
Will light the sky
For the night
Pour the gas
Light the match
Death filled streets
Killed with tusks
Once held life
Now lie husks
Burn it away get fucking paid
Incinerate organic hate
Dump all the waste poison this place
Burn it away get fucking paid now
There's nothing to save
You're my slave
Burn the earth
For minimum wage