Перевод песни Keeping Secrets – Cue The Sky

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As we drive
As we drive past these dotted lines
I'm looking to strangers' eyes to see a sign of life
But truth to be told
This city has no love to give
It's been lost in the concrete
Lost in the traffic
Lost in the broken dreams so
Oh my god, save me
A thousand faces on the interstate
And I'm feigning for any sign of familiarity
They rise above me, now I can finally say
That I'm dying to know will they ever know my name
Now here we are
Prayer for a miracle
So cue the sky
It's about time that it's made its famous fall
To end all clichés
It may not mean a thing
But at least we stay true to our hearts
So now hold what close to your heart
Write the perfect ending
The world that we know needs a changing
Shine, the lights down on us
Now I look to the sky
And brace myself for the ride
My eyes closed to the world
But I can still see the light