Перевод песни Keeping Secrets – The Sacrifice

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I'll lay this book on my chest
Lie in the dark and think about all I've done wrong
Just to be any closer to this would send me to tears
Knowing that you'll be there in the end
Remember the candle that I lit
It casts a shadow on the wall
Reminding me I'm never alone
Like cliché movie scenes
I raise my arms to the sky for you
I look to you for inspiration
You showed me the life behind these paper walls
You've been abandoned for so many years
Tell me is this what you died for?
Open my eyes up to a different light
One where the colors never fade
I'll be the palette, you with your vision
Use me to paint my life
(There's been so many times where I've just wanted this life to end
So I could be with you
I know I can't change the things I've done
But I know I still have your love)
I collide with my conscience once again
I will fake this heartbeat just to prove I am alive