Перевод песни Hester Prynne – The Goswell Divorce

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Bury the hatchet, sever the ties
Vehement screams forever haunting every dream
Ghosts in silence left to harbour their hatred
I feel my blood run cold
As the angels sing their mourning song, the vultures feed their hunger
Don't waste you breath on me,
I've heard these lies a thousand times before
They're all too familiar
God forgive me, all beauty has died within
There is no hope in forgiveness
Mark my words, my return will bring your funeral
May hell have vengeance on your soul
God forgive me, I feel the end is near
This treachery has assured your fate
My god what have you done?
You put your foot in the grave
That day you stood before me And made a promise you can't keep
'Til death do we part, and may we burn forever