Перевод песни Canned Heat – Move On Down The Road

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There come a time in everybody's life
When you just gotta just
Move on down the road
You know what I'm talkin', baby
Number fifteen, man
Shut up, Boogie
Lay it down, Larry
I gotta go
Gotta move on down the road
I gotta go
Yeah, ya know what I'm talkin' 'bout
Gotta move right on down the road
Gonna pack my bag, people
Lord, down that long, lonely road I'll go
I'm gonna take my baby
We gonna move on down the line
I'm gonna take my little baby
We gonna move on down the line
You never gonna come back, people
Lord, when the sun done start to shine
Ah, do it, do it, now
Ahhhh, yah
Well, so long everybody
Somebody's turn to go
Well, bye-bye, everybody
I'm so sorry, it's time to go
I'm gonna leave this town
Lord, I won't be back no more
Come on now
Ahhhh, bye-bye music
Go now