Перевод песни Felt – Whaleface

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Your shit don't stink
Your ship won't sink
Disapproving gaze, but the bitch won't blink
Holier than, greater than thou
Hold it in, I can tell that you're proud
We're not allowed
To feel equal
You don't get down
With real people
We're all so small
In your big world
Go ahead and frown up And let that lip curl
You got your generating, elevator eyes
Look me up and down like I'm the species you despise
Your arrogance, apparent, you can't wear it inside
Like a character that you don't care enough to hide
You act like you embarrassed by the rest of us guys
When you need oxygen like the rest of the pride
Like the rest of the school
I guess you too cool
Your shit's too hot to drop in our pool
But don't get beached bitch
You got a tummy full of plankton
Ain't nothing but some sea shit
Full of yourself so you float to the top
A human hot air balloon that I'm hopin' to pop
My sharp wit versus your really dull animal
Your cynicism really isn't hard for you to channel so It's effortless
You're better than the rest of us
I get it I admit
Why you even waste your breath on us?
Scratching «Oh shit»
Hey wait
You lookin' at me with the whaleface?
Judge and jury tryin' to stay out of a stalemate
Spoken like you know the truth
Stop pretendin'
Check up on yourself
Tell me who you condescending?
That's not special
That's not a rare case
A bunch of assholes
Evolving at a snail's pace
They hold they nose up in the air
Until they open up and share like they know that you care
Yeah, say thanks for the rain on the parade
Make a little hate like it raises up the stakes
I'm not the first to mouth the words that I'm not perfect
But you wouldn't need to curse it if you went and found a purpose
Scratch the itch til your fingernails break
You know it You felt it So what your inner realm say?
You smell fake like jail bait and hair spray
Tell me how to fail taste and oh have a great day