Перевод песни Felt – G.I. Josephine

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(yea, man... all you fuckin Private Pyle muthafuckas, man
You gotta step ya game up, man
But first, iron your uniform, you know
Get your shit together when approaching a superior officer
You can't come wit no bullshit, man
Like, you're severely outranked)
She can make moves and pay dues
Friday, it's time to break loose
She can pace, mind the baselines
Drum beats, completes the play time
She standin up And you can't interrupt til she danced enough
She a soldier out here
She make a little mix, let em know she out here
Verse 1:
We call her G.I. Josephine, standin in line
Even though she could climb throught the opening
She got the doorman under a spell, knowin damn well
She could have him livin out her hand if she felt
It's alright, cause when she gets inside
She'll have a room full of dudes do the Electric Slide, haha
She got a lotta attitude, but it's never rude
She keeps a level mood, it helps to get her through
The work week, makes her thirsty
Crash the party and jack the body til it hurts feet
Reach ya peak, try to tire the physique
Cause she been takin friendly fire all week
She where the sidewalk ends
She stops ya pace, you try to talk, make friends
Then poof, she's gone, but nope, you're wrong
She's in the corner by herself singin a soldier song, it goes
Verse 2:
She got her hair done, and her 'go get em' dress on Big girl shit, manicure, no press on She 'bout to do it y'all, she steppin out
She kissed the babies on the cheek right before she left the house
They know she loves em, but this is her night
Since she been a mom, she only been out twice
It's only right that she get to do her thang
She called up the girls and she rounded up the gang
And when she steps in it's bam, yes ma'am
She usually a stunner, but in that dress DAMN
Stacey Dash and Phylicia Rashad
Timeless booty, given grace from God
She makin it hard to look away
But you dudes be cool, she wasn't lookin at you anyway
Shootin down all the bullshit that you shoot her
The girl is a trooper, stand up, salute her
(Chorus) x2