Перевод песни Showdown – Aries - I Am Vengeance

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Apocalypse juggernaut
Engine of war
Piercing your chest with pure hate
Twisting within the great heart of all things
Exist only to obliterate
A cavern of stars
The swallowing maw
Feed of filth and greed
A tower of hate
The tyrant awaits
This juggernaut must feed
I will strike with the vengeance of a thousand hearts
At a world that drew first blood
Pulsing with scorn
A nightmare made flesh
I am vengeance
Tear out your chests, all you sinners and saints
Victims one and all to me
I am the spawn of the end of all things
Reaper of a world diseased
I am vengeance. I am scorn
I am revenge. I am war
I will burn with the heat of a thousand suns
And scorch the very gates of hell
Pulsing with scorn, a nightmare made flesh
I am vengeance