Перевод песни Showdown – Cerberus - The Hellhound Awaits

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The poet dreams so he cannot let you go I feel it breathe deep and slow;
Feed and watch the black dog grow
Feed him smoke and feed him wine
Feed him lust and love and lies
Taste the violence in his throat
Stare right down the cursed hole
Of the shadows he is heir;
In your heart he makes his lair
I dub you pain
Three-headed fiend
A heart in chains
Shadow sustained
The poet feeds with the black dog at his throat
So swallow hard, force it down
From the beast reclaim your crown
Brick him off and seal him up Tell yourself the coffin's shut
Lightning flash and thunder roll
Grumbling sky it clears its throat
Pray the storm will keep at bay
That not dead but locked away