Перевод песни Bob Mould – Sinners And Their Repentances

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All those things I've done before
It doesn't matter anymore
I see the errors of my oh-so-humble ways
Better run before
There's no way that I can cover for
All these things catch up to me
We've all sinned before
I have sinned before
These sins, they seem to fit you well
Since I have known these sins so well
All these sins I've known before
They just don't concern me anymore
A secret voice in my sleep
Better speak before
Know there's someone right behind the door
I don't seem to speak with ease
Falling down
I see these words don't work so well
I say these words so well
See me saying «Oh, well»
It's easy to save face in this world
How can you qualify
Difference between a sin and a lie
I see my silver lining in the sky
But now I can't decide
If you told the truth or you lied
You seem to sin so well
This light's so bright
It seems to hurt my eyes
You seem to sin so well
If the crush of your emotions
Leave you lying in the dust
Then take it all right out on me And leave me in the rain to rust