Перевод песни Johnny Hates Jazz – Closer

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
What began as hope
Became the fate of many nations
Founded on a lie
Believed by everyone
Slandered and betrayed
A character assassination
Watch the guilty fade
Now the work is done
Ghosts of early days
Gather round the late arrivals
All parade upon
The earth to which they're bound
Silent in their course
They steal across the icy stations
Words are useless now
They fall upon the ground
One and the same
Parallels remain
In air as in the flame
I can see everything get closer everyday
Hold on
When I'm dead and gone from you
Remember me as light breaking through
Stay strong
Any time you feel you're lost
I will carry you back across
Call out
Send the word from there to here
Promise you I'm always near
Know now
Nothing anyone can say
Will keep me from you anyway
And in the end
When other days have passed you by
If beauty has a name
Waiting beneath the ruby sky
One and the same
Wanting to keep the pain away
In errors made again
I can see everything get closer every day