Перевод песни Telex – Carbon Copy

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
I'm selling beer on the TV
Look at me
I'm driving steers
In the cowboy movie, yeah
I'm all I see
I sure get around the town
I'm losing sleep
Counting sheep that look like me
I feed the dog
He looks just like I do
I drive a Jeep
There's a strong resemblance
Carbon copy on the left side
Carbon copy on the right
I think that I'm crumbling
Defying natural laws
I think I'm stumbling
The universe is like a Xerox
If that guy weren't so black
He'd look just like me
I go to Chinatown
There's lots of me standing beside me
On Christmas Eve
Someone comes and says, «Ho ho!»
They look like me
Dressed in red but I'm not fooled
On Christmas Eve
Even God looks like me
I can't trust doctors, no
They look like me, I swear
Same dandruff in the hair
Same look of mild exasperation
I swear it ain't the drink
I thought you'd mention that
And if you lost some weight
You'd look like me, exact, exactly