Перевод песни Maria Friedman – How Many Tears? [Martin Guerre]

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Oh Lord, I'm not the one to blame!
Oh Lord, why must I live in shame?
Each night, I light a candle in his name.
How many tears through the years must I cry?
How many prayers to the Lord in the sky?
Still the pain, tears at my broken heart.
Sometimes I feel, I was cursed at the start.
All that I hope, all that I see.
So full of promise, each day reaching out before me.
There, now there's nothing, lost as if you never saw me.
How many tears through the years can I cry?
How many tears until my heart runs dry?
Through the fights, that a gal has to fight.
Only to do what she knows must be right.
Sometimes I wonder, if someone hears.
Why must I live through so many tears.