Перевод песни Joanna Riding – Porch Scene [Carousel]

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FATHER: Drat! That's the third one this week. I buy fuses by the case.
FATHER: Uh oh. And I've blown the whole neighborhood again! (He sounds as if he
finds a strange amusement in his deed.)
WOMAN OUTSIDE OF WINDOW: Henry! He did it again! Go over and give that neighbor
of ours what for!
FATHER: Easy Rover. (Directed to off stage.) Jimmy! Hurry up with that fuse!
JIMMY: (Heard off stage.) Shucks. Every time he has company, he blows a fuse.
And guess who always has to change it.
FATHER: I heard that young man! I heard that!
MOTHER: Oh, well that's more like it. John, yours is the last costume I've got
to finish before the parade starts.
FATHER: Sarah's lady's club is responsible for our town's Forth of July
celebration tonight. She's got us all roped up into preforming in their program.
SARAH: And I've decided that we're going as George and Martha Washington dear.
FATHER: Oh... the father of our country. (Whimsical.) That's a role that really
fits me! You know, I--
SARAH: I'm so glad that we installed an electric light fixture here on the
porch, because it's just to darn hot to be sewing inside.
FATHER: Yes Sarah. You know, next year I'd like to go as Benedict Arnold! Ha ha.
SARAH: Wait until you see what I've got planned for the fireworks show tonight.
FATHER: Rover! Don't interrupt, while Sarah's interrupting.
SARAH: And guess who volunteered to choose the music for the program.
JIMMY: I did pop! Listen to this!